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Re: Don't miss this EXCITING Exchange
mujeeb ahmed

    On 8/19/03, Trish wrote:
    > I am still looking for several states to participate in a
    > postcard exchange. I have several particiapates already,
    > some even from other countries! HOWEVER, I have no one to
    > represent your state!
    > Don't miss this great opportunity to teach geography to
    > your students.
    > All you have to do is send a postcard to the other schools
    > on the list and they all send you one!
    > When I get mine in, I point the places out on the map, we
    > read the info written on the back, and discuss that state.
    > ( And I teach Science!)
    > Geography skills in America are really low. This is a fun
    > way to get them interested in learning it.
    > Trish
    > Just send me an email with your school mailing address to
    > if you are interested!