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Re: can someone help me?
Mrs. Johnson

    On 12/12/03, Kelly wrote:
    > I have to write a papaer comparing the discipline practices
    > of teachers, if anyone has a few minutes it would really
    > help me out.... please answer the following questions.
    > 1. What grade do you teach? Communications
    > 2. How many years have you been teaching? 47
    > 3. What were your beliefs about discipline when you first
    > started teaching? The students should have strict
    punishment and much homework.
    > 4. How have they changed? If they have, what do you see as
    > influencing you or causing the change? Students are
    slackers and need to be straightened out.
    > 5. Name three knowledges/understandings you think a good
    > teacher has or knows about children. The children are
    smarter than they look, donnot underestimate them, treat them
    with respect, but severeness.
    > 6. What are the important things you think you need to pay
    > attention to in student behaviors? If they are bored (from
    a very good friend)
    > 7. What are the specific skills (4) you feel are important
    > for a good teacher to possess? -
    > 8. Do you take students behaviors personally, or how much
    > do you personalize them? Yes.
    > 9. Do you see yourself as able to recognize that students
    > are not perfect or make mistakes? Yes.