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Re: ARTC biology

    Hi Julie,
    Thanks for your response and for your vote of confidence! When
    you were at Brandywine, did you know of anyone in the ARTC
    program? I guess I'm trying to get a feel for how rare it is
    and how willing school districts are to hire someone who does
    not have a teaching degree. I do have a degree in Biology, so
    I'm confident of my content knowledge... just have to get
    someone to give me a chance at teaching that knowledge now.Yes, I'm registered for Teach in DE day and am really looking
    forward to it! Any tips for success on that day?

    On 2/17/04, Julie wrote:
    > Here is a link to the Delaware ARTC web page. You should be
    > able to find most of the answers there.
    > You should go to Project Search at the U of D, which is a job
    > fair for teachers in the Delaware area. They have a "Delaware
    > Day," which is strictly for DE school districts. If you are
    > an alum, it is free. Otherwise, it is $5. If you have a
    > science degree, I imagine you would be able to get a job
    > pretty easily.
    > I used to teach in the Brandywine School District, but now I
    > am just over the line, in PA
    > Good luck!
    > Julie
    > On 2/17/04, natalie wrote:
    >> I'm interested in making a career change. I currently work
    >> at a biologist and am interested in teaching biology or
    >> general science. Is anyone here familiar with the ARTC
    >> program?