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Re: Gwen Wilmington area k-8 schools

    On 2/20/04, Julie wrote:
    > Gwen:
    > You should attend the University of Delaware's, "Project
    > Search", which is a teacher's job fair. Here is a link to the
    > information
    > It is $5 for those who did not attend U of D. Likewise,
    > Brandywine School District, which is in the North
    > Wilmington/Claymont area is having their own job fair on March
    > 31st, from 3-7. Here is the link:
    > What do you teach? I used to teach in the Brandywine School
    > District, but now I live in SE Pennsylvania.
    > Good luck!
    > Julie
    Thanks Julie. I will make plans to attend both of these job
    fairs. I am an elementary school teacher. I've taught grades 4,
    5, and 7. I've been teaching for 16 years and plan to move to
    Delaware sometime this summer, but I MUST have a job BEFORE I
    move. I figured I could find an apartment to live in until I
    can sell my home here in Philly, then I'd look for a house in
    Delaware. Is there anything I can do now or anyone I can see
    now to make that transition happen for me? How is the cost of
    living there? If I found a job right now, I'd resign here and
    take it!!! The S D of Philadelphia really sucks!!
    > On 2/19/04, Gwen wrote:
    >> Does anyone know of any job openings in the Wilmington or
    >> Claymont area elementary schools? Any help you can give is
    >> greatly appreciated.