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Teacher Follow-up Survey
Joyce Farmer

    The U.S Census Bureau is searching for teachers who meet
    the criteria below to participate in the Teacher Follow Up
    Survey (TFS) -- a nationally representative sample survey
    that looks at teacher movement within the labor force. The
    respondents we visit will need access to a computer with
    internet (dial-up or high-speed). They will be paid
    approximately $50.00 for about an hour of their time. The survey identifies three categories of movement:
    Stayers (teachers who continue to teach at the same
    school); Movers (teachers who are still teaching but at
    another school); and Leavers (teachers who have left the
    profession either to retire or to enter another

    Please forward your Telephone Number and Address plus
    Teaching Status and School Type if interested. I will
    contact you to schedule a date and time for the
    interviewers to visit you. The interviews will be
    conducted from July 22 - August 12, 2004.

    Census conducts the Teacher follow up survey (TFS) for the
    National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).