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Post: cross-country holiday project help

Posted by Chandana on 12/12/04

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    Hello. My name is Chandana Neureuther and I am a third
    grade teacher at Errick Road Elementary School in Niagara
    Wheatfield, New York. A collegue of mine showed me a
    project her class is embarking upon that integrates
    researching about your home state via the internet and
    writing to other classrooms across America to share the
    information on gingerbread men. I was given a website at that provides concise
    information about
    each state where your class would be able to research
    information about your home state. Then, as a class, you
    organize this information in a brief letter, sending it and
    one student's gingerbread man that somehow represents your
    state to classrooms around the U.S.
    If you're interested in getting started on this project, I
    need 18 different classrooms as I have eighteen students in
    my class. You can contact me to participate at my e-mail
    address at I really look forward to
    sharing more details with you and learning all about your
    class' state.
    Chandana Neureuther

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