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Re: Moving to DE and Would Like to Teach There

    On 10/09/05, Gwen. wrote:Thanks PA teacher.

    That sounds good too. However, I have no knowledge on southern
    Chester County or Cecil Public School district in Maryland. Can
    you give me a "heads up" or a link to where I can start my
    search for info? If not, I'll start asking around and try to
    find something on the internet. You know, whenever I hear the
    word "Chester" the city of Chester immediately comes to mind
    and I wouldn't want to teach there because of its bad
    reputation and all the troubles it seems to have. I'm very
    grateful that I have a teaching position, considering all the
    stories I read on the PA teachers' website, but I'd love to
    work close to home if I could.

    Have a great school year.


    On 10/07/05, PA teacher wrote:
    > Hi Gwen,
    > Another possibility is to live in Delaware, but teach in a
    > close by Pennsylvania school district (I think districts in
    > southern Chester County would be closest). That's what I do
    > and the commute is only about 20 minutes. I think Cecil
    > County Public School District in Maryland is also very close
    > to some parts of Delaware. Good luck!
    > On 10/01/05, Gwen in Philly, PA wrote:
    >> I'm moving to Delaware from Philadelphia next year and
    >> would like to teach there instead of having to commute
    > back
    >> to Philly to my current job. I've taught for 14 years in
    >> the Ardiocese of Phila. and am in my 4th year as a public
    >> school teacher. Is there anyone on this board who can give
    >> me some sort of guidance as to exactly how to get my name
    >> out in Delaware? I've gone to the big teacher's job fair
    > at
    >> the university there, and also to a smaller one. It seemed
    >> like DE preferred to hire their own first, but I know
    > there
    >> has to be some sort of concession some where, I just don't
    >> know where. I'm certified in Elementary Ed. as well as
    >> Middle Schools Language Arts. I'm planning to go for
    >> certification in Middle Schools Social Studies this year
    >> too.
    >> I'd hate to have to commute back and forth to Philly to
    >> work, but plan to do so only if I have no other choices.
    >> Does anyone have any suggestions that I can try? Thanks to
    >> anyone who can help me, and if not, I guess I'll just keep
    >> on trying until I'm successful.
    >> Gwen.