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Re: ETS Part-Time Opportunity - Scoring HSTW(High Schools Th
Ann R. Clawson

    On 5/25/07, oluwakemi Afolayan wrote:
    > How do I register or enroll?
    >> On 12/17/05, ETS wrote:
    >>> Online Raters Needed for
    >>> HSTW Program
    >>> (High Schools That Work)
    >>> Who: Teachers and Individuals with Bachelor¡¦s
    >> degree (or
    >>> higher) in mathematics, general science, English, and/or
    >>> language arts. Current or prior teaching experience at
    >>> high school or middle school levels is highly desirable.
    >>> Middle school teachers should be experienced in Algebra.
    >>> Graduate students (Teaching Assistants) and substitute
    >>> teachers are also welcome to apply.
    >>> Applicants must be residents of the United States.
    >>> What: To score HSTW student responses to open-
    >> ended
    >>> performance questions by computer, using ETS scoring
    >> rubrics
    >>> Where: HSTW raters will use the Online Scoring
    >> NetworkTM
    >>> (OSN) system to evaluate examinees¡¦ responses using a
    >>> computer from their home or office.
    >>> When: February 1 ¡V March 5, 2006
    >>> Qualifications:
    >>> „X Bachelor¡¦s or Master¡¦s degree from an accredited
    >>> college or university
    >>> „X Scorers must have computers that meet the minimum
    >>> hardware and software requirement (please see
    >>> for further details)
    >>> Training: Approved applicants will self-train using
    >>> the online tutorial followed by certification. Successful
    >>> certification is required to score.
    >>> Schedule: Raters are required to work in four or
    >>> eight hour increments up to a maximum of 40 hours a week.
    >>> Compensation: Approved and certified raters earn $15 an
    >>> hour
    >>> Online Application: ¡V Click on
    >> Scoring
    >>> Opportunities at the top left-hand corner of the home
    >> page,
    >>> and then click on Online Scoring Opportunities. Scroll
    >>> down and choose the application form for HSTW.
    >>> Inquiries: Please e-mail