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DELAWARE teachers we need you!!

    My friend and I are organizing a postcard exchange and we
    have almost all states but 5 and you're one of them! I can
    explain in more detail when you email me, but it's really
    easy and fun! Basically, you'll receive addresses for a
    school in each of the 50 states and you will send a
    postcard to each with a short description of your
    school/class and state. The idea is that you will then
    receive postcards from 49 other states and your class will
    learn a little about every state. It's an awesome project
    and makes a great bulletin board. This is the 2nd year that
    I am a part of this and the kids love it!!
    Please email me asap at
    if you're interested and/or if you have any other
    questions. First one to respond is the one we'll take!
    Thanks! Hope to hear from you.