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    Re: Finding a teaching job in Delaware
    love teacher

    On 7/31/08, Dale... welcome to smallville wrote:
    > Landing a teaching job in Delaware simply boils down to not
    > what you know but whom you know. Cronyism, nepotism,
    > favoritism, etc., come into play. By law, school systems must
    > publish job vacancies via newspapers, periodicals, and online;
    > however, most already know whom they are going to hire despite
    > going through a few token interviews. Several of these schools
    > are not run by competent administrations but by local teachers
    > who dictate policy. Good luck to you all and keep plugging
    > away. Dale Henderson Seaford DE
    > Sorry Dale, but I have to disagree with your generalized
    statement regarding hiring practices. As for your statement
    regarding competent administrators, 70% of what you say is true.
    Thank goodness I had the opportunity to work with some of the
    > On 7/11/08, teacher 2 b wrote:
    >> I hate to sound discouraging, but I'm having a rough time.
    >> I've subbed in two districts for the last three years. I
    >> finished my student teaching and am now a "highly qualified"
    >> certified teacher with my Master's in Elementary Ed....I've
    >> been looking for a permanent position for a year and a half
    >> and can't get an interview. Of course, I'm in NCC. I have
    >> seen some postings online for Sussex, but I can't relocate
    >> at this time.
    >> On 6/25/08, Lauren wrote:
    >>> Hello! I am looking to make a career change to become a
    >>> teacher or an assistant teacher. Unfortunately I did not
    >>> go to college for teaching, and do not have a
    >>> certification. This narrows down where I can apply by a
    >>> lot. I am interested in teaching/assistant teaching for K-
    >>> 3rd grade. Does anybody have any advice? I feel that no
    >>> one has openings.
    >>> Thanks!!!