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    Re: Considering Teaching High School Math/Physics in Delawar
    food for thought

    Sagacious advice. Anyone considering the teaching profession
    as a life-long career and a rewarding vocation, should think
    long and hard, observe daily life in today's schools,
    especially in the urban environment, before spending the time
    and money on education and certification.

    On a whole, it's just not worth it. Only about 20% of teachers
    make it twenty years as educators. The other 80% burn out and
    wisely choose more rational careers.

    However, if you really feel you could be one of the true
    educatiors and not just a simple "book teacher," by all means,
    to the attack!!!

    On 1/16/09, Don't even think about it wrote:
    > Teaching is one of the worst jobs you can have. The pay is
    > horrid and the hours are long. The working conditions are
    > often abusive, especially math. With your credentials, I
    > would get a job that payed well and didn't come with loads of
    > abuse.
    > On 1/03/09, Nick Wager wrote:
    >> All;
    >> Thanx for taking time out to read my posting. I am a
    >> soldier about to retire from the US Army after 28 years of
    >> active service. I have a masters degree in Applied Physics
    >> and a Ph.D. in Nuclear engineering. I do not have Delaware
    >> teacher certification but I am willing to use VA benefits or
    >> the Troops to Teachers program to obtain it. I am weighing
    >> teaching high school Math/Physics against careers in nuclear
    >> energy or continued government civil service. I'd like
    >> information reference which Delaware school districts have
    >> potential openings for a guy like me and what the pay and
    >> benefits may be. Nick