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    Re: Pass the Praxis/Biology Test
    Mindy Prosperi

    Dear Fellow Teachers... I need your help! I have a degree in
    biology and NJ teaching certification...problem? I got them
    30 years ago! I am now "ready" to be a teacher and belive I
    have a lot to offer. I have been in a career for 30 years
    and traveled extensively both for business and personal
    reasons. I am ready to "give back". Does anyone know of any
    study classes for the biology Praxis? No way I could pass it
    without a class but I think with a little bit of help, I can
    be a good teacher. Any suggestions?

    On 6/04/03, Terry wrote:
    > Here is some help!
    > We suggest going over the questions several times. You
    > should do this a number of times until you feel comfortable
    > with all questions.
    > Time is the single most common fault that all test takers
    > have trouble with. If you are familar with these study
    > questions and know them well you will save time without
    > knowing it.
    > Make sure you pace yourself during the test. Keep track of
    > how much time you have used not how much is left.
    > Usually two choices can be eliminated from each question.
    > If you can not eliminate any answers skip this question and
    > come back to it.
    > When required to read a passage such as in the lab
    > questions you should scan/skim the passage to get a vague
    > impression then read the questions. You will be surprised
    > at how some answers come to you very quickly.
    > Do not guess. Eliminate 1-2 choices then "pick" out the
    > best choice. You should be willing to bet money on this
    > choice.
    > Scientific sounding answers are better than slang sounding
    > answers.
    > Avoid extreme statements such as answers with these key
    > words
    > always...never...completely...
    > If the answers contain two answers that are opposite from
    > each other then one of these is usually correct.
    > These are some sample TIPS and you can get the rest of the
    > TIPS from
    > or the BIOLOGY study guide is ready!