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    Re: [Academic] Rigor vs Vigor - What do you think?
    Broke FL Teacher

    On 2/02/13, kaye wrote:
    > On 1/27/13, Teachers.Net Gazette wrote:
    >> School principal ("Head of School") Todd Nelson says:
    >> "We are fairly accepting of the use of the word “rigor” as a
    >> positive term for high standards and accomplishments in lots
    >> of things, including education. As it turns out, “vigor”
    >> might be a much better choice."
    >> Read in the very short piece linked below, why Todd Nelson
    >> finds "vigor" the more appropriate term.

    Like the previous poster, I'm thinking of Maslow's Heirachy of
    needs: I'm so busy trying to survive day-to-day teaching that I
    can't get to higher-level stuff like vigor vs. whatever. It's
    hard enough to cram the basics into their heads. Higher-level
    thinking is for higher-level kids.