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Re: Jobs in Kansas

    We left Fort Hood in 1999. We're in Katy Texas now and will be in
    Kansas for only a year. I'm not exactly sure where in Kansas. I
    will ask my husband when he comes back. All I know is that he has
    to go to school.
    On 4/21/06, min wrote:
    > Hi T!
    > Where in Kansas will you be stationed? We are finishing up at
    > Ft. Leavenworth next month. If you were going to be around here,
    > then I could refer you to a wonderful district that you would
    > certainly enjoy! BTW: We are actually PCSing to Ft. Hood, Texas
    > (interesting coincidence).
    > min
    > On 4/21/06, T wrote:
    >> I'm moving to Kansas also but not until next year. I will be
    >> coming with a Texas teaching certificate. Will I have to take
    >> any test when I get there? I took the Praxis in Tennessee but
    >> when I got to Texas, I had to take their Texas state test.
    >> I don't know what city we will be in but my husband is in the
    >> military and we will be somewhere near the military base.
    >> On 6/09/05, marcia wrote:
    >>> On 6/08/05, RSL wrote:
    >>>> How does the job market look out there?
    >>> Depends entirely on your teaching area and the area where
    >>> you are planning to live. I did hear that Wichita was
    >>> hiring a large number of teachers for next year.
    >>> The downside is that there is a standoff now between the
    >>> Kansas Supreme Court and the legislature. The court says
    >>> that public education is not funded as it should be and the
    >>> legislature is saying, pah.
    >>> What is you field and desired location?