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Re: four block in middle school
Vicki Massey

    On 8/30/02, Jane wrote:
    > I am looking for a middle school that has 4 block literacy
    > program implemented in their language arts classroom. I
    > need to convince my teachers that a 4 block program can be
    > used in the middle schools. If we could come and visit and
    > see first hand a program that is working, it would be great
    > for us. Thanks

    Jane, I am teaching 7th grade language arts this year. I
    taught in the elem. for the past 5 years. Our elementary has
    implemented 4 Block. I loved teaching it, and I'm very
    interested in teaching it in the middle school, also. It's a
    great literacy program,and the kids love it. Very hands-on
    and visual. Let me know if you find out anything.