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Free Summer Workshops on 19th Century Canal Era
Canal Corridor Association

    Free Summer Workshops on Canal-Era History –Learn About One of the Best-Kept Secrets of American
    History: The I&M Canal

    Five-day teacher workshops exploring the themes of
    immigration, transportation, western expansion and city
    building through study of the U.S. Canal Era, using the
    Illinois & Michigan Canal as a case study for the canal
    experience. Made possible through a grant from the
    National Endowment for the Humanities, the workshops are
    for K-12 teachers across the U.S.

    Workshop highlights include
    • $500 stipend for each participant
    • Discounted graduate credit available
    • Presentations by noted canal historians, scholars
    and authors
    • Field visits to sites throughout the I&M Canal
    National Heritage Corridor
    • Access to I&M Canal Archives at Lewis University
    • A wealth of resources, including unpublished
    primary source documents
    • Development of a curriculum project for classroom

    The workshops will be held at the Gaylord Building
    Historic Site, 25 miles from downtown Chicago and on the
    I&M Canal.

    Choose from one of three sessions: June 27-July 1, July 12-
    16 or July 25-29, 2005.

    Application deadline: March 15, 2005. Go to for information and an application. Or
    contact Ron Vasile at or 815-588-1100.

    Sponsored by Canal Corridor Association and Lewis
    University. Made possible by a grant through the Landmarks
    of American History program of the National Endowment for
    the Humanities.

Canal Corridor Association - 2005 NEH Teacher Workshop