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Re: benefits for a teacher job sharing??
Ima Teacher

    We have lots of half-time teachers. Full-time teachers get
    10 sick days, they get 5. They do half the required PD
    days. They get full insurance coverage. Three days a week
    would be more than half time, wouldn't it? When I worked
    part time, I got benefits that matched my hours. I worked a
    7/10 job one year. I did reduced pay, reduced PD time, and
    7 sick days instead of 10. On 7/13/05, Courtney wrote:
    > Hi! I have been a teacher for 11 years. This coming year
    > I have decided to go part time, in my same classroom (elem
    > FMD) so that I can be home with my children more. I will
    > be working 3 days a week. Any ideas on what I should
    > receive for benefits? I was told no sick days, no
    > insurance. Anyone familiar with this situation or that
    > could tell me where to look it up? Thanks in advance!