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Re: Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Fans
James Little

    On 12/10/05, John H. Rifkin wrote:
    > On 10/29/05, Dale wrote:
    >> Personally, the Kentucky Wildcats have been my favorite
    >> basketball team since I started listening to them play at
    >> the age of ten years old!!
    >> Question: How many of the Fabulous Five Wildcat players
    >> could you list? I'll promise to list all five by Wednesday!
    > I also have been a Wildcat fan, and have seen many, many
    > games. Being from Kentucky I have a sick feeling inside
    > about Tubby's ability to direct a basketball program as
    > successful as Ky. Other coaches train their players to play
    > their position in a few weeks. Tubby has had two seven
    > footers for three years now, and he says they aren't ready
    > yet. Frankly there is two ways to look at this. He either
    > can't teach basketball to a youngster, or he cannot recruit.
    > He has continually made statements that his team is not
    > ready. Whose responsibility is that anyway. Tubby almost
    > refuses to play freshmen. Look at Carter's progress. Isn't
    > Smith expected to teach basketball. When I see other
    > freshmen in the country playing major minutes, but we can't
    > trust a freshmen. Maybe I was blind and deft when North
    > Carolina played as many as four freshmen at the same time.
    > Could you expect a top freshman to come to Kentucky, and be
    > treated like Crawford, Bradley, and Carter from the coach and
    > ride the bench while players with lesser talent and ability
    > get the playing time (ie Moss, Stockton, Sparks). Sparks is
    > the weakest defensive player to play so much at Ky.
    > I realize that Morris and Rondo started last season, but
    > quickly, how many freshmen can you name that has started for
    > Tubby at Ky.