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Re: interested in international teaching
Barbara Y. Wills

    On my post it stated that we had 2 AFSers this year. It is 28, not 2.
    Barbara Y. Wills
    On 7/20/06, sammy wrote:
    > Check out: Dave's ESL cafe loaded with overseas jobs even if
    > you are not teach ESL
    > Good luck, Sammy Johnson
    > On 7/04/06, Tina wrote:
    >> If you're still looking, try University of Northern Iowa. They
    > have an international
    >> recruiting fair each year. I worked at an international school
    > in Mexico for 2 years.
    >> They have schools from around the globe looking for teachers.
    > Good luck.
    >> On 3/28/06, Patti wrote:
    >>> I worked for four years at a small locally-owned, foreign-
    >>> managed school in China. I got the job by answering directly
    >>> an internet ad at a teacher website. I have not dealt with
    >>> ISS. A cheaper, still effective alternative is suscribing to
    >>> TIE Online. My former school and many other large and small
    >>> schools around the globe advertise in TIE. Recruiting season
    >>> has already started, so hurry if you're looking for something
    >>> in the fall.
    >>> On 3/28/06, Joy S. wrote:
    >>>> On 2/13/06, Meghann wrote:
    >>>>> I am a 4th year teacher certified in S.S. 5th-12th. I am
    >>>>> looking to talk to someone with international teaching
    >>>>> experience. I have looked at ISS and search associates and
    >>>>> would just like to know a little bit about application
    >>>>> process and chances of actually getting placed. Please help!
    >>>> Hi Meghann,
    >>>> I worked last fall at a bilingual school in Honduras. I
    >>>> came home early due to unethical practices of the
    >>>> administration. Wherever you go, find good referrals from
    >>>> people that live in the surrounding area who can give you
    >>>> objective opinions. Although, sometimes this isn't even
    >>> enough
    >>>> (speaking from experience). Just know that if you fall into
    >>>> any litigation issues or issues that are generally resolved
    >>>> with teacher's unions, you will be on your own there. And,
    >>> you
    >>>> will have to fight for yourself.
    >>>> There are other teachers who have had wonderful
    >>>> experiences. So, don't let this deter you from a life
    >>> changing
    >>>> experience that you would regret later on in life. Go for
    >>> it!
    >>>> Contact me if you need more info.
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