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Re: Morehead State University

    Kentucky acesses the teacher preparation programs and grades
    them. Here's a state rank (the numbers are the result of passing
    rate on the praxis and a few other things)...they really sound
    right to me. They confirm what I've always felt. Morehead is ok,
    but the other programs are better. Morehead ranks on the bottom.Cumberland University 3.88
    Asbury 3.88
    Berea 3.85
    Transy 3.85
    Centre 3.84
    Midway 3.80
    Mid Continent 3.79
    Georgetown 3.78
    Murray 3.76
    Kentucky State 3.72
    Spalding 3.68
    Bellarmine 3.65
    Pikeville College 3.60
    Brescia 3.60
    Union College 3.57
    UK 3.55
    U of L 3.54
    Campbellsville 3.36
    WKU 3.35
    Thomas More 3.34
    NKU 3.34
    Lindsey Wilson 3.29
    Alice Lloyd 3.29
    EKU 3.15
    Morehead 3.14
    Kentucky Christian 3.05
    Kentucky Wesllyan 2.2