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Re: mid-career change to teaching -- how do I begin?2
jim b

    On 11/01/02, Rick W. wrote:
    > Hello, All,
    > I am currently employed as the Training Director and AVP of
    > an internet security company but have become very
    > interested in changing careers to teaching ===============
    .......... RE: You should see a university/college (career)
    counselor. Maybe he/she'll give you some aptitude tests
    (which you can ignore) but mainly she'll give you advice on
    what courses to take to get a Teacher's Degree. You could
    have a Masters in Engineering and still Not be a qualified
    teacher!! You should know what grades you want to teach (3rd
    grade is a Lot different than 10th grade) and what subjects.
    Maybe you want to go into Special Ed? .. or ESL? .. or be a
    student counselor. And you might even be able to substitute
    teach while doing these courses. Be prepared to make
    $30,O00/yr and take a Lot of BS. 'luck. .. and click this
    Link below >>>>