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Desperate to teach
Brandee Concepcion

    Help....I can't seem to find a teaching position in
    Kentucky. I moved to Fort Knox, KY over a year ago with my
    husband who is a soldier in the Army (Fort Knox). I
    recently graduated from the University of South Carolina
    with a Masters in Education (May 2005). I am fully
    credentialed to teach in this state. However, for the
    second school year in a row, I am unable to even get an
    interview for a teaching position. I don't know what I'm
    doing wrong. Granted, I'm a recent graduate with no
    certified experience, but weren't all teacher's and
    principals in my place at one time? Could it be that
    because I'm a soldier's wife the schools are afraid to hire
    me for fear I will move soon? Do they only want teachers
    who have graduated from colleges in thier state? If I just
    knew what was standing in my way I may be able to conquer
    this mountain that is standing in my way. All I've ever
    wanted to do was be a teacher. I am substituting again
    this year, but it's not the same. Does anyone have any
    suggestions? Signed,
    Desperate to teach