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Re: Picture Resource for Subject Illustration: Monuments/Ani
M. Turner Pope Jr.- interested in a purchase of World War I

    On 12/17/02, James Politte wrote:
    > Visit to browse pictures of:
    > Monuments:
    > Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Other monument photos
    > include the
    > Jefferson Memorial, National Monument, Vietnam War
    > Memorial, Korean
    > War Memorial, World War II Memorial Construction, National
    > Monument,
    > White House, U.S. Capitol, National and Capitol Holiday
    > (December)
    > Tree Displays, and much more.
    > URL:
    > Animals:
    > National Zoo animals... including pandas, elephants,
    > giraffes, lions,
    > tigers + pictures of horses...
    > URL:
    > Flowers:
    > Orchids, tulips, guzmania, wisteria, roses, clivia,
    > daffodils + more.
    > URL:
    > Wallpaper: Sizes 1024x768, 800x600, and 640x480