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Re: I have a question
I challenge you to a stint in the classroom, too, Jacka...

    And we are not all members of the NEA, either. Or any other union
    group. Once again, you go too far.On 3/04/03, Jackalope wrote:
    > On 3/04/03, I have a great idea for Freedom Loving American wrote:
    >> Why don't you substitute teach for a while, to become better
    >> informed about that which you speak? You haven't a clue as to how
    >> much heart and soul teachers put into their job each day. It's
    >> more than a job. It's a calling. True, there are some who are not
    >> cut out for it. But to accuse all is wrong. Try 8th grade. Or
    >> 1st. Challenge. On the other hand, I'm not sure you have the
    >> compassion necessary to set foot in the classroom each day. Yes,
    >> 8th grade....they are know-it-alls, too. You could banter with
    >> them quite easily. Now whether or not you could get any work out
    >> of them remains to be seen.
    > Why is it that some people think that teaching is unlike any other
    > profession? Why do they seem to think that ONLY teachers have
    > difficulties such as working late, bringing work home, unruly
    > subordinates, etc.?
    > Nor can I accept the statement, "But to accuse all is wrong."
    > Not at all. Most teachers have banded together and joined the NEA.
    > As a union member, they have stated that they do NOT wish to be
    > individuals, but rather a member of a group. As such, the group
    > lives and dies by the actions of members in the group. All get
    > painted with the same brush, just as all wish to reap the benefits of
    > union membership. You cannot have it both ways.