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Re: Thinking of Relocating

    I'm not teaching in ME but know where to find info. For info
    on how to be certified, look at:
    Also on is info about state govt positions.
    Good luck,
    DanOn 10/13/04, Shari Kuzel wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I was thinking of relocating to Maine, we love it up there
    > and vacation there now. My question is I am a certified
    > sped teacher here in NJ and when I look on I
    > get confused what are ed techs levels 1-3 are those
    > certified teachers?? Also where is the dept of ed. located
    > in Maine?? I would like to contact them regarding getting
    > my cert in maine for sped. I am also a board certified
    > behavior analyst, so I would like to pursue a career with
    > the use of that. Does Maine have a lot inclusionary
    > programs or do they outsource a lot of their sped
    > programs??
    > Thanks
    > Shari