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    Re: Can't get hired!!!

    On 8/26/08, Kim wrote:
    > I am a beginning new teacher and I am feeling the same
    > frustration as you both! I live in NC and have applied for
    > every teacher and teacher assistant job in the counties near
    > me. So far, I have only been to 3 interviews, none of which
    > were productive, either for not having experience or the
    > position was not being offered any longer due to budget
    > limits. I am feeling so frustrated because I graduated in May
    > and quit my previous job in order to take a teaching job, but
    > haven't had any luck. It is so frustrating to apply for jobs
    > and then hear nothing, it is like they won't even give you the
    > time of day. It is all in who you know. The school where I
    > did my student teaching had 4 job openings, but everytime I
    > called, they had already offered it to someone else within a
    > day of posting it, or they gave it to someone they knew for
    > political reasons. I am starting to see that I went to school
    > for the wrong career. It is supposed to be about advancing
    > yourself to obtain a new career and make more money, but then
    > it is impossible to get a job. I was always told to work hard
    > and make a good impression during student teaching, so if a job
    > was available there you would be considered over everyone else,
    > but really it is all in who you know!

    KIm, I know how you feel. I am in the same boat. I was always told
    the same thing. There are just no jobs.