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    Re: Can't get hired!!!
    Barbara Hunken

    On 9/13/08, OTD wrote:
    > On 9/09/08, Annette wrote:
    >> I have worked in education for about 20 years. I had to take
    >> the past 5 years off because my oldest daughter broke her neck.
    >> While she was recovering I've almost completed my Masters of
    >> Special Education (finishing my thesis). In the mean time I've
    >> have applied for every position that has opened within a 50
    >> mile radius of our home town here in Wyoming. Don't feel bad
    >> its not just your area! I have not been able to return to work
    >> yet either. Now my daughter is married and I am able to return
    >> to work full time and am still unable to find a job. Everyone
    >> is hiring first year teachers around these parts or the child
    >> of someone that works in the building. I'm getting as
    >> frustrated as you are!
    >> The OTD reference (older than dirt) seems to justify not getting
    > hired in elementary positions for a person over 40 (the age on
    > which discrimination suits are based). I am trying to get back into
    > the teaching field after substituting for the past 10 years or so.
    > I am over 50 and still going strong! I love little children and
    > know I am a great teacher! I find that the only "hires" seem to be
    > teachers under 30 (many are just out of college). I find it
    > extremely frustrating that those of us with sound educational
    > theories as well as years of crucial "life skills" are being tossed
    > away. Young children today need teachers who "know" what is going
    > on in education as well as "on the streets". I strongly believe in
    > hiring young educators (we were all there once!), but there needs
    > to be a balance in our schools of older experienced teachers as
    > well as those just starting out. I also believe that districts want
    > to keep us older experienced teachers as subs because we know what
    > we're doing and are very reliable. Thanks for letting me get this
    > is very discouraging not to be in a classroom
    > when I have so....much to give to children!
    >> Im not able to move due to financial issues so if you can move
    >> go for it. And Good Luck! God Bless!
    >> On 8/22/08, Unemployed SPED Teacher wrote:
    >>> Susan, you're not alone. I've sent out 25 applications since
    >>> April throughout California, using the statewide teacher job
    >>> board. Of those, I was invited to 5 interviews and so far
    >>> have had no job offer. Most schools here start next week.
    >>> As a fully credential Special Ed teacher with 8 years of
    >>> experience I've been totally shocked. I too have wondered,
    >>> as you said: "Am I too old?" I'm 57 and was hoping to get at
    >>> least 5 more years of teaching into the state retirement
    >>> system here, especially since I won't be able to dip into my
    >>> Social Security because of the teachers retirement fund
    >>> regulations. So, subbing is not a good idea for me, as then
    >>> NOTHING will be going into my state teacher retirement fund.
    >>> Not to mention NO BENEFITS. Since July 1st I have been
    >>> continuing my medical and dental insurance through COBRA. Do
    >>> you have that option?
    >>> Similar to you, I've also had fellow teachers - a couple who
    >>> run departments and often are on a panel to interview - look
    >>> at my application packets, resume, cover letter, and
    >>> reference letters, and been assured I'm impeccably qualified.
    >>> A colleage suggested to me that I file a complaint with the
    >>> state of California Fair Employment for age discrimination,
    >>> but I'm afraid to do that since I know a lot of prospective
    >>> employers can pull up as much background information on you
    >>> as they want and that often includes checks not only into
    >>> whether or not you have a My Space or Facebook web page but
    >>> also legal complaints you may have filed, including Workers
    >>> Compensation cases.
    >>> After all the hard work (4 years of school while teaching
    >>> full-time) to get my credential and over $25,000 in tuition
    >>> loan debts, it's hard for me to think about leaving the
    >>> profession, but if I don't find something soon I will have to
    >>> search for anything else I might be able to find, maybe even
    >>> just a simple Secretary or Administrative Assistant. At this
    >>> point in spite of the obvious pay cut this actually sounds
    >>> refreshing since at least then I'd be able to come home after
    >>> work every day and not have to continue working on student
    >>> papers and reports, lesson plans, evaluation goals and
    >>> objectives or chaperoning a dance!
    >>> Obviously, the economy has a lot to do with our mutual
    >>> situation, and as I'm sure you've heard, California currently
    >>> has NO budget because the Republicans and Democrats in the
    >>> state senate can't agree on what cuts and/or taxes to
    >>> implement. (Like the children we teach, they need to be
    >>> given a DEADLINE by which they complete their assignment or
    >>> risk penalties to THEIR wages for each day they are pst the
    >>> deadline!!! They just don't seem to get it that the
    >>> children - our future citizens and taxpayers - are the ones
    >>> who are being most impacted by having to learn in overcrowded
    >>> or understafed environments!!!)
    >>> Thanks for letting me rant and good luck. If it's any
    >>> consolation, my cousin's wife in Georgia is having similar
    >>> problems finding a teaching spot.
    >>> On 8/15/08, Susan wrote:
    >>>> Frustration has set in!!! Since January of this year I
    >>>> have sent out over 175 applications for various K - 6
    >>>> teaching jobs in the state of MN. Definately it is who you
    >>>> know!! I previously taught preschool for 4 years at a
    >>>> private school and have had public school officials tell
    >>>> me that I can't count that as teaching because I did not
    >>>> have to be licensed due to it being a private school (even
    >>>> though I had a degree in early childhood ed) Any how, I am
    >>>> tierd of substitute teaching in 3 different districts and
    >>>> 2 private schools. I have even had the secretaries at
    >>>> schools where I have subbed repeatedly state that they did
    >>>> not want to see my name on the list for full time because
    >>>> I am such a good and reliable substitute.
    >>>> FRUSTRATION!!!!!!! I need medical insurance and can't get
    >>>> it only being a sub. I have had several people look at my
    >>>> resume and said it was perfect but why then am I not
    >>>> getting hired? Am I too old? 43 or what?