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    Re: Latest Turd from the Review-Urinal
    Crooked Cops get free paid vacation, teachers, not.

    Why is it when a cop is accused of a crime they get a free paid
    vacation for 6 months and teachers are suspended without pay. I
    hope these two did not have any bills to pay, i.e. mortgage and
    car payment. If I lost everything I had because of false
    allegations, the person responsible would not find themselves to
    be in a pleasant situation. It took them months to figure out
    the girl was of legal age? So, now if some student want to ruin
    a teacher's life, all they have to do it make charges, you are
    GUILTY until proven innocent, your reputation is ruined, and you
    are broke. What a deal. Should make more people want to go into
    teaching. CCSD has declared war on teachers ever since CCSD
    tried to unilaterally change their contract, citing poverty,
    which was a lie, and losing in federal labor arbitration. Nice
    people to work for. Not.

    On 11/25/12, anon wrote:
    > On 11/24/12, Justin Brecht - Teacher of the Year (at his
    > school) wrote:
    >> Read the comments. Teachers have had enough.
    > Instead of coming up with our own solutions based on political
    > nonsense, we need to emmulate what successful contries do. Pay
    > ALL teachers well while providing small class sizes (Finland),
    > send kids who are socialized and ready to learn (Asia), divide
    > students into college-bound and technical groups and teach
    > according to tracking (most of the planet Earth does this).
    > But no, we don't care about real answers. We just want to
    > lower taxes (by only paying the top 10% of teachers a good
    > salary) and give corperate welfare (charter schools). America
    > makes me sick