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    Re: Starting salary
    pksped, who did the!

    Comparing the same school districts that I mentioned in my
    previous post, I would lose $2669 if I went one district over,
    and gain $3957 if I went one district over the other way. (And
    I could have earned that with M+15, instead of the M+30 where I
    am now.) And neither district is even close to any of the Big
    C's, Dayton, Toledo, or any other larger city in the state, lest
    you think I'd be going to a more urban area.) Money isn't
    everything... I'll keep my pay where it is, thanks.

    On 3/20/09, pksped wrote:
    > The question is not what you would make with that particular
    > licensure; the question is in what school district you hope
    > to teach.
    > Click this link, and go to the "collective bargaining" link
    > on the right hand side. You'll see the master contracts of
    > most Ohio public schools and other agencies (though some
    > contracts shown aren't the most current ones being used.)
    > Pick a couple and look at their salary scales. You can see a
    > HUGE discrepancy in salaries depending on location. In every
    > district I know of, all certified teachers (preschool - grade
    > 12, reg ed and spec ed) are on the same salary scale for
    > their district: one year of experience means you get$X, 10
    > years means you get $Y. The only variables beyond that are
    > hours / degrees of professional development. If I moved one
    > district over, I would make $2,000 less per year than I do at
    > my current district. If I moved one district over (the other
    > direction), I think I could make $2-3,000 more.
    > A special ed license will open up more opportunities to land
    > a job, but you'll be paid the same as the new reg ed teachers.