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    Re: Best Area to live around Columbus with good school
    Plain City

    I have friends that live in Plain City and love their school and life
    there as well. They say it is worth the drive as it is not much
    further than Dublin (where they once were).

    On 5/27/09, Lori wrote:
    > Dublin has excellent schools with really nice subdivisions.
    > Worthington is also nice and has great schools.
    > On 5/27/09, j wrote:
    >> upper arlington is great, i used to live there. bexley is
    >> also good.
    >> On 5/26/09, Toni wrote:
    >>> I have two small children (elementary)and will like to live
    >>> good neighborhood area or subdivision to buy with good
    >>> school. I will appreciate if one can advise me where to
    >>> live near Columbus area with good school.
    >>> Thanks, Toni