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    Re: Alternative Cert.
    no HQT

    Is is possible to get hired w/out the HQT if you area co-teaching.
    There was a teacher just hired here who will be co-teaching and
    only has a provisional k-12 sped license, no HQT at all.

    On 6/17/09, m.m. wrote:
    > Hi Ken,
    > Thanks for your response. I have my Bachelor degree already in
    > Social Science and Education. I worked with special needs
    > preschoolers and school aged kids this past year. I already had
    > my degree looked at by one of the local universities, and I was
    > told that I meet all of the requirements for Alternative
    > Certification. I was planning on going to this university to get
    > my extra courses I need for the Alt. Cert....but I'm still just
    > frustrated as it seems nobody even lists that they will hire
    > someone on an Alternative status. I understand that there are a
    > ton of HQT applicants, which makes things for me even more
    > frustrating.....and no, I do not have my provisional license
    > yet.
    > On 6/17/09, M.Ken wrote:
    >> Hello,
    >> Districts are asking for HQT applicants for most postings as
    >> there are more teachers available who hold current HQT
    >> status. Do you have a provisional license? How many hours
    >> of special education classes have you completed? I was
    >> offered and accepted a job last year before student teaching
    >> in my classroom to become HQT in special ed. mild/moderate
    >> with alt. cert through the district that hired me. Have you
    >> checked with the local ESC they are usually looking for
    >> teachers? Good luck and I understand your frustration.
    >> M.Ken