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    Re: Can you please help me?

    Hi Newbie,

    The license doesn't cover 4-5 because Ohio's licensure is banded
    differently. Thye go PK-3, 4-9, and 7-12. So, an out of state
    license covering k-5 only fits in the first band. This was changed
    about 8 years ago. Although, they are now looking at changing it
    again. Also, you can add on an endorsement to be able to teach 4-6
    grades, you have to take some classes and a praxis test.....all
    about the money.

    On 10/06/09, Newbie wrote:
    > Hi Southern transplant,
    > Thanks for the tip. Guess I will just have to wait until I get
    > to Ohio to finish up stuff. Why is your certification not
    > covering 4-5? I too graduated about 11 years ago, but I had to
    > take the phonics course as part of my reading specialist
    > endorsement. If I just have to take the Praxis, then that is
    > what I will take the time to do.
    > On 10/06/09, Southern transplant to newbie wrote:
    >> Newbie,
    >> I had to send in my out of state packet along with my
    >> transcripts in order for the OH Dept. of Ed. to tell me what
    >> I needed to do in order to get my certificate. In GA I was
    >> certified PK-5 but here I am only PK-3 and I still have to
    >> take an additional phonics course for renewal in 5 years.
    >> Honestly they will have to take a look at your transcripts.
    >> I did have to take the Praxis as well but most of this could
    >> be because I graduated from college 15 years ago. Having
    >> your Reading Specialist will definitely be to your
    >> advantage. I have been told that southern OH needs more
    >> teachers than the northern part of the state. Be prepared to
    >> sub but here in Ohio a sub must possess a Bachelor's degree
    >> so the fact that you are a certified teacher doesn't
    >> necessarily mean that you go to the top of the list. Good
    >> luck!
    >> On 10/06/09, Newbie to teaching in Ohio wrote:
    >>> Hi everyone,
    >>> I am going to be a newbie to Mason, Ohio in a few weeks. I
    >>> tried today to email the department of education, but was
    >>> told to call and speak to someone. However, I am really
    >>> hoping that you can help me.
    >>> I currently posess an Arizona teaching certificate in
    >>> Elementary Education with endorsements in Structured
    >>> English Immersion and Reading Specialist.
    >>> I know I will have to take the Praxis, but which one? Do I
    >>> have also take it in the areas I have endorsements in as
    >>> well? Also, are there any classes that I will have to take?
    >>> In Arizona, some new teachers have to take the Arizona
    >>> Constitution and U.S. Constitution.
    >>> Any help you can give me would be most appreciated. I will
    >>> keep checking the boards until Friday. My internet is being
    >>> turned off then.
    >>> Thanks for all of your help. By the way, I have sent emails
    >>> to Mason and Lebannon asking about volunteering/employment
    >>> opportunities. In your opinion, was this a good move or a
    >>> bad one?