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    Re: 2-Year Provisional Licensure Renewal Questions

    On 10/22/09, Scott wrote:
    > Hello everyone,
    > I have some questions about Ohio licensure, continuing
    > education, and masterís degrees in education. I apologize
    > in advance for the lengthy post and amount of information.
    > I graduated in June of 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in
    > Education degree (Early Childhood Education). I passed my
    > Praxis II in November of 2003 and my two-year provisional
    > License was issued on March 31, 2004. My license was valid
    > from July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2006.
    > After completing my degree and receiving my licensure, I
    > moved out of the country. I have lived in Seoul, South
    > Korea for the past five years. During this time I taught
    > two years of kindergarten and three years of first grade. I
    > worked for two different accredited English speaking schools
    > that required their teachers to have degrees in education
    > and licensure just as they would in America. I taught a
    > mixture of American and Canadian content standards.
    > I am now planning to return to America in March of 2010
    > (possibly 2011) and continue teaching in Ohio. Regrettably,
    > I have let my two-year provisional license expire. From
    > what I have read, I have up to five years from the
    > expiration date to renew this. This would include taking
    > six credit hours of coursework relevant to my degree, paying
    > a processing fee, and filling out renewal paperwork.
    > Here are some questions I have about my situation:
    > 1.) How do I know which continuing education classes would
    > be acceptable to fill these requirements for my degree? Can
    > they be any education related class?
    > 2.) After graduating in 2003, I took a few classes for my
    > masterís in ECE. However, I have not pursued my masterís
    > any further. Do classes taken for a masterís degree
    > (perhaps in fields unrelated to ECE, such as ESL) count
    > towards these six credit hours of continuing education?
    > 3.) Do the classes have to be completed before I apply for
    > a licensure renewal? Or could I apply first and then take
    > the classes?
    > 4.) Can I still substitute teach with an expired licensure?
    > 5.) Will the five years I taught in South Korea be
    > recognized as steps on the teaching pay scale in Ohio (or
    > perhaps other places in the U.S.)?
    > 6.) I am keen to begin my masterís again, but this time
    > possibly in another concentration other than ECE. Is it
    > possible to continue to teach in the PreK-3rd grade area,
    > receive my masterís in another education specialty, and
    > still be recognized as being on the masterís degree pay
    > Again, I'm sorry for the amount of questions. I would
    > greatly appreciate any insight anyone may be able to give
    > me. Thank you!


    I work with teachers everyday on getting there licenses re-
    newed so I hope this helps a little. I would also suggest
    calling the DOE to get a little more information.

    You must complete your 6 semester credits before you re-apply.
    You can still teach as a sub before you get your license back
    because you hold a bachelors degree.
    You can take any courses that relates to your degree only if
    they are upper level or graduate courses.

    Feel free to email me with any other questions.