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    Re: Educating teachers who never leave the classroom
    Union vs. No Union

    Having worked with and without a union I am not so sure that I
    want to be part of a union. No doubt that it is better to have
    the union available but what about those who do not share the
    political views of the candidates that union is backing. I
    understand that union dues are paid by the teacher whether you
    want to join the union or not because it wouldn't be fair for a
    nonmember to reap the benefits from a union. However, if a
    person choose not to be a part of a union shouldn't he/she be
    able to waive rights to any advantages that being a union member
    would bring? For instance, a teacher may be antiabortion but
    the NEA supports a candidate that is prochoice. That certainly
    would be an issue that may be a source of conflict for the
    teacher to have her money being given to someone that does not
    share her views on this issue. I just think that we should be
    given a choice as to whether to join the union or not.

    On 11/07/09, Tanisha wrote:
    > I used to work in a charter school where there was no union.
    > Now, thank god, I work in a school district. I make an amount
    > of money I can live on, have good benefits, get to attend
    > professional development,and best of all can advocate for my
    > students with out fear of retribution from administrators who
    > are only out to make money. We need our unions! Anyways, I
    > support all those issues that the NEA supports. Go NEA!
    > On 11/04/09, Vanessa wrote:
    >> It is time for teachers to know how our NEA union has used
    >> us for political gain.
    >> * NEA is America's largest labor union
    >> * Advocates leftist positions on a host of issues,
    >> including abortion, sex education, teen pregnancy, school
    >> prayer, socialized medicine, affordable housing, drug
    >> testing, prisoner rights, bilingual education, global
    >> warming, and health care
    >> * Opposes merit pay for teachers
    >> * Opposes school vouchers
    >> * Ranks among the leading funders of the Democratic
    > Party
    >> * Has contributed vast sums to many leftwing
    > organizations
    >> Based in Washington, DC, the 3.1 million-member National
    >> Education Association (NEA) is the largest labor union in
    >> the United States. It represents public school teachers and
    >> support personnel; faculty and staffers in colleges and
    >> universities; retired educators; and college students
    >> preparing to become teachers. The NEA’s mission is “to
    >> advocate for education professionals and to unite our
    >> members and the nation to fulfill the promise of public
    >> education to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse
    >> and interdependent world.”
    >> The NEA pursues these goals through its 14,000+ local
    >> affiliate organizations (which are active in fundraising,
    >> conducting professional workshops, and negotiating teacher
    >> contracts); its 51 state affiliates (which “lobby
    >> legislators for the resources schools need”); and its
    >> Washington, DC-based national headquarters (which “lobbies
    >> Congress and federal agencies on behalf of its members and
    >> public schools, supports and coordinates innovative
    >> projects, works with other education organizations and
    >> friends of public education, [and] provides training and
    >> assistance to its affiliates”).
    >> The NEA was founded in 1850 as the National Teachers
    >> Association, and adopted its present name in 1857. Promoting
    >> government-owned public schools and “modern” pedagogical
    >> ideas, this union permitted no private school teachers to
    >> join its ranks. These government-owned-and-run schools were
    >> modeled on statist European education in Prussia, and
    >> attracted socialist activist teachers who saw public school
    >> students as perfect subjects for re-engineering society.
    >> That remolding began with the anti-Catholic objectives of
    >> Horace Mann (1796-1859) and expanded to the anti-religious
    >> humanism of John Dewey (1859-1952).
    >> In a 1935 report presented at the 72nd annual NEA
    >> convention, the union's future Executive Secretary Willard
    >> Givens wrote: “A dying laissez-faire must be completely
    >> destroyed and all of us … must be subjected to a large
    >> degree of social control…. The major function of the school
    >> is the social orientation of the individual. It must seek to
    >> give him understanding of the transition to a new social
    > order.”
    >> In a 2003 article titled “NEA Hastens Death of American
    >> Education,” veteran journalist Ralph de Toledano wrote that
    >> in 1938 “the Institute for Social Research, founded by the
    >> Comintern, appeared on the Columbia University campus,
    >> taking over the Teachers College, the country’s most
    >> influential school of education.” “Better known as the
    >> Frankfurt School,” de Toledano continued, “… [the Institute]
    >> eschewed the economic aspects of Marxism and promulgated a
    >> substitute based on Marx’s 1843 preachments. Later labeled
    >> neo-Marxism, the program called for the destruction of
    >> religion, the family, education and all moral values, along
    >> with the capture of the intellectuals and the instruments of
    >> mass communication such as the press, radio and films. To
    >> this it appended a new Freudianism, which reduced human
    >> relationships to rampant sexuality and the grossest pleasure
    >> principles -- -- as "an inspiration" to
    >> "every organizer" and "anyone contemplating action in their
    >> community."