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    Re: Current Teacher Positions Available

    I started out in West Virginia 11 years ago and moved to Ohio
    5 years later. Not only are the schools better, but the pay
    is much better!

    On 11/25/09, Julie wrote:
    > There are two teacher job openings available in Ohio.
    > The first one is for a High School Social Studies Teacher
    > at the Anthony Wayne School District in Lucas County. The
    > second one is for a Spanish Teacher opening at Lexington
    > Local Schools in Richland County.
    > If anyone knows of any English Teacher openings, please
    > leave a post. I graduated from Bowling Green State
    > University5 years ago and is licensed to teach
    > English/Language Arts, but wanting so badly to be an
    > English Teacher in Ohio. In the meanwhile, I am substitute
    > teaching.
    > Yeah, I did the out-of-state teaching in West Virginia,
    > but there are reasons why they need teachers more than in
    > Ohio. Ohio schools are the best.