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    Re: A legal question about licensing

    On 1/13/10, Brian wrote:
    > Hi. My name is Brian, and I am considering attending the
    > University of Akron to become a high school history
    > teacher. However, I have a misdemeanor supplying alcohol
    > to minors charge conviction from 1995 (I was 19 years of
    > age at the time). Would this conviction prrevent me from
    > getting licensed? Thank you in advance for your responses.

    I know that it will prevent you from working from working in a
    child care setting(before and after school care) be yourself-
    meaning you could not be in charge of a class, and can not be
    left alone with a class.

    as for ODE- you might want to check- I forget what the law is
    involing the number of years that have past since the offense.