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    Re: charter school questions

    I have worked at not one, but FOUR different charters. I left two
    of them after they closed due to corruption. The other two I left
    voluntarily (ie: quit over the summer). I was paid at least 15,000
    less than I would have made in the city schools and, with no union,
    you are hired at-will and forced to do what they say or else be
    fired. They break laws, underpay, take advantage of the employees.
    Again, I have worked at four of these places and they are all the
    same. If you need the job, take it. Otherwise, pass. I promise you,
    you'll be totally taken advantage of.

    On 2/13/10, Ann wrote:
    > I would avoid it. I worked at one for years. The people who run
    > them have no educational background. They are in it for the
    > money. They pay is horrible. There is no discipline. They don't
    > follow the laws. Principals do not have to have an administrators
    > license. Most staff at a charter school are young, so there are
    > no mentors. Avoid it.
    > On 2/12/10, elana wrote:
    >> On 2/12/10, interested wrote:
    >>> Does anyone have any insights into what it is like working at
    >> a charter school? I have an interview with one next week.
    >> step one: find out who the sponsor is for the school!!!!!!!
    >> step two: check out the school with ODE!!!!!!
    >> step three: there are only 3-4 charter schools that have an
    >> acceptable rating.....
    >> feel free to email me directly at:
    >> I worked in a charter school for YEARS! so I can honestly say
    >> that I know everything there is to know about charter schools!
    >> proceed with caution!!!!