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    Re: Are teachers in Demand??.....Please help with my prof de
    not a surprise

    I am not surprised. I am in the same boat. In NE Ohio it is all
    about who you know to get into these districts. Also, in this area,
    math is not a shortage area, there are plenty of unemployed math

    On 3/08/10, Already a Teacher wrote:
    > I'm surprised that you are having problems finding a job in math.
    > Surely you will get a job for this coming year? What region of Ohio
    > are you looking?
    > On 3/06/10, Math Teach wrote:
    >> I agree with the special ed part. Glad to see that you're not
    >> going to try and repeatedly take the Praxis 2 for Secondary
    >> Math, when you've "had trouble" with math.
    >> As a math teacher who couldn't get a contract this year. I can
    >> only wish that my competition was well versed in math (I majored
    >> in it), and didn't choose math simply because it's a shortage
    >> are (no longer). How I'd love to see the passing Praxis 2 score
    >> raised to 180 or so.
    >> On 3/04/10, CB wrote:
    >>> Special Ed?
    >>> On 3/04/10, Already a teacher wrote:
    >>>> Hello,
    >>>> I am already a teacher. I teach elective classes, and I am
    >>>> low in seniority....and because there are only 2 of us in
    >>>> the department, and my coworker with seniority has only 5
    >>>> years more than I do...I will remain low in seniority for
    >>>> most of my career.
    >>>> In the past, student enrollment has been a concern for
    >>>> us....and if enrollment were to get low job
    >>>> would be the one on the line.
    >>>> So...for my professional development, I am considering
    >>>> earning an additional teaching license. I already have a
    >>>> masters degree. I spoke with my administrators about this,
    >>>> and they encouraged it...saying that it would give me more
    >>>> job security, because if enrollment got low enough in our
    >>>> department, they could always give me a period or two
    >>>> teaching in the other area.
    >>>> My administrator recommended getting a core license (and
    >>>> said Math and Science are always in high demand).
    >>>> The problem with Math and Science is that I always had
    >>>> trouble with those courses when I was in school.
    >>>> Does anyone have any recommendations for other licenses
    >>>> that are in high demand??
    >>>> I appreciate any input!