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    Re: We completed a monumental task!!

    Oh, Dale, that's so funny. I was exercising today and
    seriously considered buying a treadmill. I talked myself out
    of it the second I figured out that they probably don't come
    completely pre-assembled. (If I'm wrong, don't tell me. Save
    me the $$.)

    On 4/02/10, Dale wrote:
    > Have you ever purchased a product such as a grill for
    > grilling food and when you opened the box and saw ALL the
    > parts your thought was I'll never finish this or I don't
    > have the time. There are so many parts and directions to
    > read.
    > It took my wife and me two days,each day at least 2 hours
    > to complete finishing the grill.After we finished,we were
    > proud of ourselves.