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    Re: Northwest Classen fires gay teacher
    Being gay is considered "for cause"?

    > No, it is not protected. I was fired in November because I
    > was being 'openly' gay with my adult co-workers (some, not
    > all). I was told by my OEA lawyer that since the Oklahoma
    > Legislature passed the bill that superintendents could fire
    > anyone for 'cause' that there had been a witch-hunt amongst
    > known gay teachers in Oklahoma. If you are gay and teaching
    > in Oklahoma, better stay within the protection of your
    > closet! It is utterly shameful that the citizens of Oklahoma
    > allow and approve of this type of discrimination in the 21st
    > century!

    I am not trying to be snotty. I am not from Oklahoma. Is being
    gay there considered a justified cause for termination? Or is
    Oklahoma a state where they don't need a reason to fire you? I
    didn't know anybody but the military fired people for being gay