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    Re: failed opte

    On 6/21/09, justin wrote:
    > I did not pass the OPTE this time. I was wondering if the 6-
    > 12
    > opte was easier to take than the pk-8 grade opte. I' m
    > alternatively certified and made it with flying colors
    > through my
    > entry level year, it stinks that I made a 238 on the pk-8
    > grade
    > opte, anyone have any comments or suggestions how to pass
    > would be
    > greatly appreciated.
    > If anyone remembers any of the essay questions I would
    > appreciate it. Thanks

    Did you already receive your results from the May 30th test?
    I thought they didn't release until June 26th? (I hate that
    it takes so long... I've been on pins and needles this entire