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    Re: failed opte


    Posted on 6/26/09
    (7) Comments

    On 6/25/09, kate wrote:
    > On 6/23/09, Laura wrote:
    >> On 6/23/09, jj wrote:
    >>> On 6/21/09, justin wrote:
    >>>> I did not pass the OPTE this time. I was wondering if the 6-
    >>>> 12
    >>>> opte was easier to take than the pk-8 grade opte. I' m
    >>>> alternatively certified and made it with flying colors
    >>>> through my
    >>>> entry level year, it stinks that I made a 238 on the pk-8
    >>>> grade
    >>>> opte, anyone have any comments or suggestions how to pass
    >>>> would be
    >>>> greatly appreciated.
    >>>> If anyone remembers any of the essay questions I would
    >>>> appreciate it. Thanks
    >>> How did you get your scores so early? I was told that they
    >>> weren't available until June 26th. I am awaiting my score.
    >> I guess the later you recieve you test score, the better? How
    >> much of the OPTE is multiple choice?
    > Justin - how did you access your scores? Did you receive them via
    > email, snail mail, online? I've tried to access them online, but
    > no luck b/c of the June 26 date. Last time I rec'd them via email,
    > but it wasn't until the day of the release of scores. Your
    > response would be great!
    > Thanks!
    > Kate
    my daughter didn't pass either missed by 5 points, does anyone have a
    suggestion on how to study for the social studies/arts/writing part.

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