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    Re: Teaching positions

    If you are in the Portland area and can't relocate, you may as well
    forget teaching altogether and certainly in Oregon. There are a whole
    slew of schools in the area that are graduating teachers--still-and of
    course you have to compete with already experienced teachers looking
    for work.

    At least you have been warned and you know. I went into this field and
    graduated with an M.Ed. in 2000 before all of the abuse really got
    fire. Wrongly terminated at 53, I can't get anything other than
    subbing, not even classified work.

    On 2/23/12, Rippy wrote:
    > On 2/23/12, Ellie wrote:
    >> On 2/22/12, anon wrote:
    >>> On 2/22/12, Rippy wrote:
    >>>> Thinking of changing career to teaching after being laid off
    >>>> from previous profession. Is it wise idea to jump in at
    >>>> this time from employment point of view?
    >> Thanks Anon and Ellie. I am 43 yr old female interested in
    > teaching math or science to any grade level. Can not relocate from
    > portland area.
    >> ---> It really depends on a lot of things. What's your age, what
    >> do you want to teach, and what grade level? And even more
    >> important are you willing to relocate to where ever the job is?
    >> I have a friend in his mid-50s who high tech consulting company
    >> went under during the beginning of the recession. He finally
    >> decided to get an alternative certification in high school math
    >> last summer. He really likes kids and had been working as a para
    >> pro up north with at risk junior high kids for 2 years.
    >> He came down to south, studied for and took the certification
    >> tests for math. He passed them but still needs to take all the
    >> classes. This past summer he applied for every job he could find
    >> in Georgia and didn't get anything. Then once the school year
    >> started and schools could see their final enrollments he got a
    >> couple of offers. He started the year teaching about 2 months
    >> after things began and it's in a very rural area but his foots in
    >> the door.
    >> He also isn't married now and his kid is grown so he doesn't have
    >> any responsibilities to a particular area. Plus after the past
    >> 6 months of actual teaching he's having some eye opening about
    >> apathy in kids, school agendas and the ridiculousness of state
    >> curriculum requirements. I'm not sure he's going to decide to
    >> continue....he may try to restart his company again and leave
    >> teaching.
    >> All this to say...think carefully about all your options before
    >> you invest the time and money that teaching requires. Also at
    >> this point many schools are more interested in Teach for America
    >> students to fill their open positions. Whether principals want
    >> them or not the systems are demanding they hire them. The school
    >> I retired from last year had to replace all teachers with TfA
    >> students. My principal resisted trying to get teachers with a bit
    >> more maturity but was told to use TfA.
    >> Good luck and hope you can sort it out well.