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Re: First Year Teacher Non-Renewed

    I advise you to bow out gracefully. You can't force the
    principal to want you to stay. Let it go. I had the same
    thing to happen years ago. I accepted the principal's
    decision, told him that I understood, finished the year
    teaching my heart out (which I was doing, anyway). When I got
    a new job for the next year, the new principal told me that
    the previous principal sent me the best referral he had seen
    out of thousands.
    I do hope your principal gave you the chance to resign instead
    of putting non-renewed on your record. My former principal
    did, so no one ever knew that I did anything but resign.
    Almost all systems ask if you were ever non-renewed, so it is
    much better for the record to have that you resigned.
    Move on and you will do and feel better at a new place. I had
    been 'Teacher of the Year' several times and had awards by the
    dozens, so it hurt me badly to be rejected. Plus, I was in my
    40's and had been teaching for 16 years. I will never know
    what the true reason was, but it was just a bump in the road.
    I am happy at my new school, so my advise is 'Move on.'

    On 4/30/08, an idea for you guy.....don't back down wrote:
    > What evaluations were you given? They are required by law to
    > have given you a set number of FORMAL evaluations AND
    > feedback before they cannot offer you a contract. I
    > you go to your superintendant and meet. have the following:
    > 1. Give your students an opportunity to evaluate you, take
    > the results with you.
    > 2. All e-mail, evaluations, ANYTHING you were given relating
    > to suggestions to your performance.
    > 3. Any comments from ANYONE ho evaluaed you.
    > if you were a 1st year teacher, your district was required
    > provide you with a mentor...did they? Did they provide
    > consistant feedback WITH SPECIFIC WAYS TO MODIFY YOUR
    > INSTRUCTION? If win. :-)
    > Get yourself a lawyer, or research yourself what the
    > requirements are, and go the the big man. It's amazing how
    > quick you get a contract when you have the facts. e-mail me
    > and give me a call....I'll help ya.
    > **********
    > On 4/28/08, looking for clarification wrote:
    >> I began working as a teacher in GA, 12 years ago. I
    >> started the year with rave reviews from my administrators.
    >> I seemed to keep up the reviews, then out of the blue the
    >> day before contracts were offered, I was called into his
    >> office and was told I would not be renewed for the school
    >> or district. The excuse I was given was that I just wasn't
    >> a "good" fit. What is going on? Help please.