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Re: sammy to judy

    Judy:Thanks for the response. I am male. I've tried to contact the
    schools without success and even tried to contact the head of
    the department, nothing! That does not give me much hope so I
    am passing on MCS. Pursuing other avenues in other states
    including St. Croix. That's the one I really want.

    Good luck this year and thanks for your kind help.

    Sammy Johnson

    On 7/10/06, to sammy wrote:
    > Hi Sammy
    > Have you contacted the school from American Way? and some
    > other ones? White Station can be hard to get into. White
    > Station is a school everyone wants to go. I personally think
    > that a lot of principals are getting ready for the job fair
    > and may want to put a face with a name. I do know that the
    > closer you are to book your flight the more expensive it
    > becomes. I know you have a better chance of interviewing in
    > person. Have you been able to speak to anyone yet? Do you
    > have family here? And just out of curiosity are you male or
    > female? Sometimes the school system prefers males. Friday
    > maybe I can meet you at the Board. Will the job fair be at
    > the Board? Part of me wants to attend the job fair. I think
    > that you need some answers. Have you contacted recruitment
    > in HR? Write Back.
    > Judy
    > On 7/10/06, sammy wrote:
    >> Judy: I have not heard anything from the 2 schools I
    >> contaced about the ESL positions. So, I have not booked a
    >> flight for the 14th. Oh, well, what do you think?
    >> Sammy