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Middle School or Elementary which has greater satisfaction

    Hello,I am 43 going back to school to get a degree in education.
    I see though that I have to decide right away whether or
    not I want to teach middle school or elementary. If I
    teach middle school, will I have to have a specialized
    area that I teach?

    Is job satisfaction higher in elementary or middle
    school? What is a good area that has high retention
    rates. It would be nice to teach German but that would be
    a high school class. I wonder what you all I
    too old to be a teacher just starting out at 47-48 years
    of age?

    Is it really difficult to get a job? I have put in an
    application to substitute teach, will that hinder my
    chances of full time teaching? I read that somewhere on
    this site and it surprised me!!!

    thanks for your advice!