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Re: Kindergarten Classroom Management
Chelsea Liebetrau

    I had something similar... I'm an art teacher and when I student taught the
    teacher had the word ART on flip cards. If the students were too loud or
    misbehaving, they would lose a letter. It's my first year teaching and I didn't like
    the negative aspect of the ART letters, so I reversed it. When they are doing an
    awesome job they earn a letter. I make a big point about earning a letter and
    then we do silent cheers, pats on the back, or kisses for our brains. If they get
    all three letters they get to put stickers on a chart and then get to a prize line
    where they get a sticker or a junky eraser etc... Maybe they get to pick an apple
    from the tree if they are good and hang it by a picture of them in the room. That
    way their good behavior is displayed. Then at the end of the week put the
    apples in a basket and raffle off 5 minutes of free play the next week... or even
    the next day.I hope this helps and isn't too late...


    On 8/20/06, Donna wrote:
    > Hey everyone.. Hope your year has started off well... mine
    > has started off with back surgery so I am out for 4 weeks
    > but can't wait to get back to the classroom.. I was
    > wondering if you could give me some ideas on how you use
    > classroom management in kindergarten. I have been teaching
    > for over 15 years and would like to try something new...
    > The other teachers in my school are using the apple tree...
    > every child has an apple with their name on it and if they
    > break a rule, they remove their apple to basket 1, 2, or 3
    > and they get consequences as time out of play. I do not
    > want to use this and wondered if any of you could give me a
    > fresh and POSITIVE approach to classroom management.. The
    > last few years I have strayed away from moving "apples" and
    > more on classroom community/positive "discipline", but just
    > wondering if you could give me fresh ideas so when I start
    > in a couple of weeks, I can be ready to go...thanks in
    > advance.