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Re: moving to Clarksville
Posted by Dr. Barbara Y. Wills on 7/20/07
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    We have just moved here as our daughter teaches at Ross View
    Middle just down the road from us. We do have nice homes and a
    nice neighborhood in Virginia Hills just off Ross View Rd. You
    should have no trouble finding a position, but you must act qickly
    as school soon begins here. If you would like a new addition to
    your family this year, an AFS foreign exchange student,or like to
    volunteer with AFS let me know. I am the public relation's chair
    for the Miss Tennky Area AFS Leadership Team (see Currently, we have a Thai female and three
    males from Hong Kong, Paraguay, and Chile. I just retired from 43
    years in education, most of it as a professional counselor, but
    worked in many states and in Africa as well.

    Hope you enjoy Clarksville. Let me know if I can be of help to
    you. We have a great real estate agent, Joey

    Dr. Barbara Wills, NCC,LPC

    On 6/14/07, Vicki wrote:
    > Hey C.,
    > We have lived in Clarksville for 10 years. I am a teacher in
    > training because it seems to be one of the few professions in
    > the area that you can make a semi-decent salary and not have to
    > drive to Nashville.
    > As far as a job, I'll just repeat what I have heard repeatedly:
    > the goal of the Clarksville/Montgomery County School System is
    > to open a new school EVERY YEAR to keep up with growth. That may
    > or may not be true, but at least since we've lived here they
    > average a new school at the very least every couple of years.
    > Just keep in mind that Clarksville growth is fueled by
    > neighboring Ft. Campbell.
    > I like the pace of life here too, I go home to visit family in
    > South Florida and can't wait to get back here (too hectic! too
    > much road rage! LOL). I've often described Clarksville as a big
    > town with a small town attitude.
    > Prepare to have you salary cut in almost half - however the
    > housing is relatively cheap (the further away from Ft. Campbell,
    > the better price-wise,crime-wise and traffic-wise). Sadly, there
    > is an abundance of VA repossesed homes that you sometimes get a
    > good deal on. Check the real estate sites, to me a $150,000
    > house around here is almost a mansion LOL!
    > Unfortunately, you will have to deal with military seperation
    > issues, alot of these kids haven't seen their mom/dad for over a
    > year. Poverty is an interesting dynamic in some areas too. As a
    > parent volunteer, I think I've seen it all and then I
    > meet "Johnnie's" mom. 'Nuff said.
    > I'm sorry I can't give you the teacher perspective yet, but
    > based on what you say, I think you would be a tremendous asset
    > to our school system!
    > Good luck with your decision and maybe we'll be working together
    > soon LOL! (I hope, Biology is giving me a good run for my money!)
    > Take care- Vicki
    > On 6/11/07, C. Brown wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I plan on moving to Clarksville June 2008. I have my Prof.
    >> Clear Multiple Subject from CA, my Master in Ed, plus I will
    >> have completed my Special Ed credential by Dec. 2007. I teach
    >> 5th grade reg ed, but moving to Special Ed this fall. My
    >> class is 100&37; ELL students. I am good at moving them in
    > API
    >> and achieving AYP - depending upon the level of students I
    >> receive at the beginning of the year.
    >> I am on Leadership, School Site Council, am grade level chair,
    >> After School Program Coordinator, and I'm the nutrition lead
    >> teacher. (I stay pretty busy.)
    >> My mother raves about the job opportunities in Clarksville - I
    >> graduated from H.S. there and my family still lives there.
    >> I want to enjoy life a bit more fully. I finally made the
    >> decision to just "do it" as Nike says, and I plan on moving
    >> the week after school is out June 2008 - but, I joke I will be
    >> loading my U-Haul at the school site on the last day of
    >> school. HA! I need to move where the cost of living is
    >> somewhat approaching managable...with houses at $500,000+ and
    >> only making about $60,000, there is not a way to stretch those
    >> $$$.
    >> Since you are already in the trenches - what do you think the
    >> job market is like...prospects for future, etc?
    >> Your feedback is really appreciated. Thanks for taking the
    >> time to read this.