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Re: looking to move and teach here from california

    I moved here to Knoxville from CA. Loved teaching there but
    have hated it here. Pay will be less depending on
    district. You can check out http://www.k- on the different
    school districts and websites. There are some districts
    that pay much better than others but they are very difficult
    to get into.Good luck!

    On 8/12/07, jason wrote:
    > Hi I am looking into moving across country and teaching
    > somewhere different than southern california. can someone
    > out there give me some advice on what pay is like out in
    > tenessee, good districts, affordable places to live, and
    > the live. I am fully credentialed here in california and
    > have a master's of science in school administration. Any
    > information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    > Jason :-)