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    Kid talent search for 12 and under FREE Do you have talent? All talents welcomed... Comedy Magic
    Martial Arts Acrobatics Singing Dancing Instrumentals
    Choirs Groups Skits Drama Baton Cheering

    Come show us what you can do!

    Walnut Square Mall Bradley Square Mall Northgate Mall
    Hamilton Place Mall

    Yes, I want to Perform in the Times Free Press Kid Talent
    Search! Walnut Square Mall (Dalton, GA) March 29th
    Entries must be received before March 8 Bradley Square Mall
    (Cleveland, TN) April 5 Entries must be received before
    March 8 Hamilton Place Mall (Chattanooga, TN) April 26
    Entries must be received before March 29 Northgate Mall
    (Chattanooga, TN) April 12 Entries must be received
    before March 29

    Singer Dancer Instrument______________________

    Name __________________________ Age _____ Name
    ___________________________ Age ______ Name
    __________________________ Age _____ Name
    ___________________________ Age ______ Name
    __________________________ Age _____ Name
    ___________________________ Age ______

    __________ST____ ___ Zip __________ Parent or Guardian
    ______ Phone No. Home (_____) _________________________
    Phone No. Work (_____) _______________________ Name of Song
    or Music ______________________________________________
    (one song or music piece)

    Please Read - Important Notice: Age appropriate lyrics and
    dance moves, only. CDs are preferred with backup CD or
    tape. Contestants can only perform with recorded back-up or
    live accompanist 12 years of age and under, no adult
    accompanists on or off stage. This is NOT a sing-along.
    Contestants who use recorded LEAD instruments or vocals
    related to their performance will not be judged. A
    contestant may perform different talents, as a soloist or
    with different performers at different malls - limited to 2
    performances. Performers are limited to 2 performances,
    whether it be a solo or with other performers during
    Riverbend. Performances will be on different nights during
    Riverbend and each performance will contain 3 numbers. For
    information call the Chattanooga Times Free Press
    Promotions Dept. at (423) 757-6498